Monday, February 05, 2007

Prosthetics Research Study "Replacing limbs. Restoring lives."

Prosthetics Research Study is a multidisciplinary research team with a goal to preserve the limb at risk and improve function for the amputee. PRS was founded in 1964 with Dr. Ernest M. Burgess, orthopaedic surgeon, as Director and Principal Investigator. Its inception followed an international conference in Copenhagen where Dr. Michel Berlemont of Berck-Plage, France and Dr. Marion Weiss of Warsaw, Poland introduced new ideas of lower limb amputee surgery. They provided a way to shorten the amount of time spent before an amputee was rehabilitated and walking with a prosthesis. Dr. Robert E. Stewart (Veterans Administration Chief of Prosthetics and Sensory Aids) decided to set up research in this area of Immediate Post-Operative Prosthetics (IPOP), and he asked Dr. Burgess to head a center to do this.

Prosthetics Research Study has followed their mission by working with patients all the way through the process, from risk evaluation through amputation and rehabilitation. Since 1964 our research has included varying areas along this path.

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