Friday, February 02, 2007

Otto Bock Bionic Arm and some other new devices from Otto Bock

July 2005Otto Bock Bionic Arm - World First for MelbourneThe 11th of July 2005 saw the release of the 12K100 ‘Dynamic Arm’ by Otto Bock. This ground breaking Electronically Powered Elbow had its premier world wide fitting at Caulfield General Medical Centre. The Premier of Victoria, the Honorable Mr Steve Bracks, officially released the 12K100 at a ceremony held at Caulfield General Medical Centre. Mr Bracks was very pleased to announce that Australia had been chosen as the site for the market release of such a technically advanced product in the field of Upper extremity prosthetics.
The 12K100 utilises state of the art mechatronics, battery technology, as well as CPU technology that has recently been developed for the automobile industry. This means that the 12K100 is considerably faster and stronger than other elbow units (able to lift approx. 6 times more weight), as well as having a longer battery activity time.
Peter Eberle, the patient fitted at Caulfield, was wearing another type of elbow unit at the time he was fitted with the 12K100. He was amazed with responsiveness as well as the reduced weight of the 12K100. A first for Peter was that he was able to flex/extend his elbow at the same time he could open/close his hand or rotate his wrist. The ‘Axon Bus’ system of the 12K100 meant Peter was able to carry out two tasks at once, which also is a first for powered elbows.
Kevin Harrison, Professional Services Specialist, will be running workshops to demonstrate the 12K100 ‘Dynamic Arm’ in the future. Therefore if you would like to have a first hand demonstration, or maybe you have a client who you would think may benefit from this revolutionary elbow unit, please do not hesitate to call our customer service on 1300 136 053 for more details

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