Friday, February 02, 2007

OMEGA Tracer System

OMEGA Tracer System provides practitioners with the latest in CAD software, shape capture devices, and tools designed specifically for the O&P industry. Plus, Ohio Willow Wood offers complete training and support. OMEGA Tracer allows prosthetists to set themselves apart as professionals.

Powerful CAD Software
• Prosthetics Software provides practitioners the ability to capture upper and lower limb shapes via the OMEGA Scanner, T-Ring™ II, or the Tracing Pen and Tracing Wand. AK shapes can also be created by measurements of the limb. An amazingly broad suite of modification tools are included that allow practitioners to replicate plaster modification techniques within this unique software. Sockets and custom liners of all types, including upper extremity, are created more efficiently.

• Orthotics By Measurement Software enables practitioners to create and modify shapes with the user-friendly Tracer Technology. This proven software allows practitioners to develop accurate spinals, AFOs, and knee braces with amazing time-savings. The spinal software utilizes a library of hundreds of templates to combine with patient measurements to create a customized spinal shape. AFOs are similarly created through the use of templates, measurements and a unique set of shape modification tools that allow practitioners to clearly customize the shape to match the patient's anatomy.

• Alpha DESIGN® Liner Software is the tool that allows prosthetists to create new custom Alpha Liners for transtibial, transfemoral, transradial and transhumeral amputees. Practitioners can tailor the gel pattern and thickness to the unique contours of residual limbs. Type and color of fabric can also be custom.
Once practitioners are satisfied with their patient-specific liner design, files can be sent to Ohio Willow Wood electronically via Internet access.
Transfemoral amputees can take advantage of the AK Comfort Cuff, an add-on feature that provides more comfort and extends liner life. The AK Comfort Cuff is fabric placed on a DESIGN AK Liner's interior, that when donned, is rolled down over the socket brim. The cuff protects the Alpha gel from exposure to harmful wear and tear. Additionally, silver microbial fabric is used on the cuff to reduce any odors from wearing the liner all day.
The software includes enhanced Alpha DESIGN Liner Modification Tools, allowing any aspect of a previously created DESIGN Liner to be modified without losing the existing gel pattern. The improved modification tools allow practitioners increased control and flexibility.

Extremely Accurate Shape Capture Devices
• OMEGA Scanner is the latest in shape capture technology. It is a 3-D laser imager that utilizes reflectors on the limb to capture limb shapes accurately. Limited patient movement during scanning does not impact the scanner's ability to capture an extremely accurate shape. The hand scanner can be used for both prosthetic and orthotic applications. It is fully integrated with OMEGA Tracer software.

• The T-Ring™ II captures shapes in less than a second with its four digital imagers and four projectors. White socks or liners are all that is necessary for the T-Ring II to capture prosthetic limb shapes accurately with a simple click of a button.

• Tracing Hardware provides practitioners the ability to capture and make modifications directly on the patient's limb. Tracing a limb is an interactive process that allows a more "hands-on" approach for the practitioner. The Tracing Hardware (Black Bag) includes the Tracing Pen, Tracing Wand, and Digital Calipers. Practitioners can also use the Tracing Wand to duplicate an existing socket shape digitally.

Innovative Shape Modification Tools
• Advanced Dual Model View Tools provide the ability to visually compare two shape files simultaneously. The new view tool allows practitioners to align files proximally, distally, or by landmark location, to change color of each model, and to specify if views of models are to be solid, transparent or wire frame. This feature allows practitioners to see and/or prove clinical and patient advancement that can be used for clinical analysis of patient progress over a period of time.

• Ramus Containment Socket Tools enables the design of a new AK socket style. A tab locks the socket onto the medial side of the descending ramus and the socket brim is no longer under the ischium, allowing AK amputees more comfort and freedom.

• Relief Pads and Symmetry Tools allow practitioners to make relief pads in custom shapes and for reliefs to be easily transposed to the opposite socket side. These tools can be used on prosthetic and orthotic shapes.

• The Trimline Tool enables practitioners to draw a trimline on prosthetic or orthotic models created by measurements or to existing shape files. The tool includes several options such as smoothing and enhancing the trimline, symmetry, and adding ridges to the trimline among others. These options can make the trimline more efficient and accurate.

Ohio Willow Wood and have partnered. OMEGA Tracer now has integration functions with the OPIE Practice Management Suite software. For practitioners who own both OPIE Suite and OMEGA Tracer, the two programs work together and interact seamlessly. This integration permits OMEGA Tracer patient files to be added easily to the digital patient records within OPIE Suites and to track Ohio Willow Wood product purchases within OPIE.

Education and Technical Help
• OMEGA Training and Support is geared to shorten the learning curve and permit the software system to be implemented successfully. For an introduction to CAD, Ohio Willow Wood representatives will visit current and prospective customers' offices to conduct in-facility demonstrations with patients.
Once a facility purchases an OMEGA Tracer system, Ohio Willow Wood wants to make certain the transition to CAD goes smoothly and will troubleshoot any problems or challenging shapes. New users are offered several phases of training, from installation and orientation to prosthetic applications. Practitioners also earn Continuing Education Credits for their efforts with the OMEGA Tracer training, at no additional cost.
Customers receive free software upgrades as developed, keeping control of the latest technology in the hands of owners. Unlimited toll-free phone tech support is also available at no charge. In addition, our OMEGA FAB department is available to help with fabrication.

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