Friday, February 02, 2007

C-Leg, The Prosthetic High-Tech Explosion

The Otto Bock C-Leg® and Otto Bock Compact™ microprocessor-controlled knees are designed to deliver the best in stability and reliability. Both knees utilize easy-to-charge lithium ion batteries with 40-45 hours of power.

They are appropriate for people who:

Are transfemoral amputees, including those with bilateral limb deficiencies or hip disarticulation amputations
Are involved in activities that require a high level of stance stability
Walk or have the potential to walk on uneven terrain
Frequently descend stairs or negotiate slopes
The C-Leg is Ideal for people who:
Currently are or have the potential to be unlimited community ambulators
Can utilize Second Mode for varied activities such as bicycling, roller-blading, or extended periods of standing
Have the ability or potential to walk faster than 3 mph/5 kph and walks up to or more than 3 miles/5 km a day.
Are involved in activities requiring a high level of stance phase safety as well as efficient swing phase control
Change direction and speed suddenly for work, sport, or home activities.
Would benefit from automatic swing phase adjustments because of their activity level.
Would improve their gait when using stance extension damping
Second Mode Adds Options
C-Leg wearers can choose between two modes that are programmed by their practitioners. The first mode would be optimized for the patient's daily activities while the second mode would be programmed for activities in which the amputee participates. With just a few simple taps of the toe the C-Leg can switch between modes and go from a secure walking knee to a locked knee, such as for a surgeon to lean on during long procedures-or less resistance for a bicyclist who needs a freely swinging knee.

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