Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mission to Malawi: City humanitarians plan boost for false limb centre

May 27 2010 By Ben Spencer
A CENTRE providing false limbs and support equipment in Malawi is to be expanded - thanks to the people of Glasgow.
Lord Provost Bob Winter joined former Scotswoman of the Year Olivia Giles yesterday to publicise the return of a humanitarian aid team to Malawi.
The prosthetics and orthotics centre was founded in the capital Lilongwe last year by Olivia and her 500 Miles Charity, with the help of the Lord Provost and City Building.
Under the auspices of the Lord Provost's Malawi Fund, 13 men and three women will fly out to work on medical and educational projects in September.
Olivia added: "Without this support, I would still be trying to get the clinic off the ground."
One objective of the 10-day trip is to build a bigger prosthetics and orthotics centre. Demand for t reatment has grown steeply and the clinic helps about 40 patients per month.
The country has about 60,000 people who need their services.
The building work, using a timber kit made by Royal Strathclyde Blindcraft Industries, will provide much-needed space for orthopaedic technicians.
It will also allow 500 Miles to accommodate people who need somewhere to stay in Lilongwe while their devices are being fitted - a process that often takes a week.
Employees of Glasgow City Council, Access LLP and City Building will be on the team.
During the visit, the team will also install computer equipment in hospitals, schools and libraries, as well as monitoring earlier IT installations.
Mr Winter added: "We and our partners are proud to be part of something so life-changing and practical and its success is proof of the benefits of partnership."

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