Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Healing Hands for Haiti International

Healing Hands for Haiti International

It has been more than two weeks since the devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck Haiti and our medical, rehabilitation and prosthetic fabrication facilities in Port-au-Prince. We are very relieved to report that all of our 45 local staff have been accounted for, although many lost family members and most lost their homes. Healing Hands for Haiti International has established an emergency relief fund to support them. It has been confirmed that our facilities are 80% destroyed or damaged. Only the guesthouse, which needs structural repairs, remains as a hopeful starting point for a temporary headquarters. Our plans to build Haiti’s first Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Institute have been accelerated.

The Handicap International emergency response team which includes members of Healing Hands for Haiti International and Team Canada Healing Hands, arrived within the first week and has since worked tirelessly with that organization assessing and treating victims at hospitals throughout the city, even transporting spinal chord injured to hospitals in the US. Several of our Haitian Board members who are orthopaedic surgeons operate continuously from their hospitals. Our organization is integrating with a larger consortium to provide acute rehabilitation facilities and services at the major hospital initiative near the airport.

By the end of week two, we had landed a second group of 12 senior Healing Hands for Haiti medical volunteers in Port-au-Prince. They are part of a group of 130 medical and construction personnel and a plane load of equipment, organized and donated by the Salt Lake City Utah Hospital Task Force. A make-shift clinic with power and water was immediately set up on our property and opened to the public the next day. Our team will continue to expand the staffing and services of this clinic while the main group help clean up, ensure site safety and start guesthouse repairs.

Your generous donations, offers to volunteer and to give materials towards the herculean rebuilding task mirror the response of the global community - absolutely overwhelming. On behalf of Haitians and our hard working staff and volunteers, we sincerely thank you for your continued support.

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For more information or to arrange an interview:

Eric Doubt, Executive Director/ Directeur général
USA Tel: 801.349.2865 Can. Tel: 905.702.9964

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