Thursday, October 25, 2007

Spiritual Friendship

An Answer to Prayer
We returned to U of M for an initial fitting of Karim's castings for his prosthetic hands. Again, I wish to compliment Alicia Davis, a key member of the orthotics and prosthetics department. She is definitely a woman who loves her job and has a great way with patients and their guardians. I felt as if I've been a friend of hers for years. She is wonderful! Anyway, the fitting went well and with pictures and hand signals we were able to explain to Karim what we were doing. He is very excited about getting prosthetics. At this time we were still uncertain of where the money would come from to pay for the prosthetics. They are very costly. However, over the weekend I received an e-mail from Alicia, stating that the U of M Charity had agreed to bear the entire cost of the prosthetics. All week I had been praying, "God, if you want Karim to have these prosthetics, you will have to come up with the money." Boy, did He answer this prayer! And in such a timely manner, too. I am extremely thankful to my Lord and King for providing this money so that Karim can have a better life now that his hands will be more useful. We will return this Thursday for another fitting. It is amazing to see all the medical personnel who have come to bat for Karim, not only in Muskegon, but, now in Ann Arbor as well. The above picture is an example of a similar prosthetic. Karim's will be made of a clear plastic material and have plenty of breathing room, as his hands are often burning and itching. He will be able to have some fine motor skills with the pinchers that are attached to the plastic casting. They will rotate, and open and close using a cable attached to a harness-like strap on his shoulders. I will post updated pictures after Thursday's visit.

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