Tuesday, June 26, 2007

White Mountain Naturals

A White Mountain Products Company
"Created for amputees by an amputee"

Below you will find a testimonial submited by Robbie Roberts. Robbie has been asked by the Governor of South Carolina to be their official spokesperson to the disabled community and is a published author of articles concerning the disabled in several magazines such as Family Health and Fitness, Men's Fitness, and Weight Watchers. Robbie also travels as a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and speaks to bring awareness about disability issues around the State. He has turned his "Liabilities into an Asset". We can all learn from him...

I have been a double below knee amputee (BKA) for almost 5 years now. I have been in and out of the hospital several times in the last five years for cysts, abrasions, irritated skin and mrsa infections. I just got out of the hospital about 5 weeks ago, but while I was in the hospital my sister-in-law told me about Limb Defense Wash & Liner Cleanser and Limb Defense Skin Conditioner & Moisturizer she had read about on the internet. She had met Dave Harper and he sent me some samples to try. When I got home I started using them. I have used them for over 5 weeks now and my legs have never been better. There are no more dry patches, no infections, and my legs are soft as they have ever been, they are really back to normal since I have been using the products. I would really recommend them to all amputees. It is a heaven sent product and is well worth it for you to try it. My legs have never been better. Thanks guys, you have made my life a littler easier, and as we amputees know, every little bit helps. Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Robbie Roberts / Myrtle Beach, SC

I am not an amputee, but these products have been a God send! I have been affected with several conditions over the years that have caused me such discomfort that I simply began to accept the fact that relief would never be found. Sometimes relief comes from unexpected sources and when it finally shows up the feelings can be a bit, well, overwhelming. A friend of ours, Baptist Evangelist David Harper visited our church, which my husband Pastors and told us of a soap he had made to help amputees and that he was working on an all natural skin conditioner and moisturizer which he felt would help amputees with their residual limbs, he and suggested I try the wash and lotion. I have been bothered by “dust mite” bites (no see’ums) and their irritation for years, that have over time made me very ill from, what I believe have been the accumulative build up in my system of the toxic effects of their persistent and constant bites. Not to mention the effect this has had on my nerves as a continuing aggravation, which has consistently drained my ability to concentrate and live a quality life. I cannot believe how great I feel not getting eaten alive everyday. It had a drain on my nerves and at times caused me to be short tempered due to the constant itching and scratching. This left me with many painful skin rashes that just did not seem to heal. I also had trouble with a recurring fungal infection called Candida, caused by too much yeast or sugar in my diet and I developed rashes and dry skin patches around my nose and eye brows, which have plagued me for years. I am especially itchy in my outer ears from the dry skin. I tried using “Limb Defense Conditioner and Moisturizer” on a q-tip and lightly applied it to my outer ears and have experienced great relief. I missed a lip in both of my ears the first night I tried it and my ears were only itchy in these two areas where the lotion was missed. Isn't that funny? The next night I put it everywhere on my outer ears and it has helped me tremendously. My dad suffers from the same problems with his ears. Also I have been putting it all over my face at night and the rash and dry skin has disappeared when I used it along with the “Limb Defense Wash and Liner Cleanser”. I know these products are made to help amputees, but they work for just about anyone with skin problems with the potential for infection. I like the all natural ingredients and their ability to naturally help heal my body and give me a strong “Defense” against what life throws at me.
God bless…Suzanne D... from Rhode Island

I lost my right leg just below the knee two and a half years ago and I was troubled with skin problems right from the beginning. Because my first leg never fit properly I developed skin abrasions, irritated areas, dry skin patches and what seemed to be endless infections from cyst and irritated skin. Being in a silicon liner and sleeve led to a moist environment ripe for bacterial, fungal, and viral growth due to sitting in my own sweat during the times I wore my prosthetic leg. I received samples of the new “Limb Defense” products, Limb Defense Wash & Liner Cleanser along with Limb Defense Skin Conditioner and Moisturizer” With in days my troubled areas began to clear up and heal. I have not been bothered with an infection on my residual limb for almost two months. I am convinced these products will help other amputees to protect themselves from many future and potentially dangerous problems in the same way I have. I don’t know if this will prevent every problem that I will have, but at least now I have what I believe is a good “Defense” against future issues! The Tea Tree Oil is fantastic as it is naturally an antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agent with healing properties known around the world.
Evangelist Dave Harper Co-Owner and President of The White Mountain Products Company…I am not just the creator of these fine products, but I am also a satisfied customer and fellow amputee!

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